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Amitabh Bachchan is not feeling well


The renowned Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan is not feeling well. It has been reported by the media that he has also canceled the weekly routine get together with his fans.

The Artist is suffering from Hepatitis B  which he got as a result of blood transforming from a doner in 1980 after an accident.

However he told to the gathering outside his Mumbai residence not to worry about his condition but he has only difficulty in coming out of the home. Amitabh has a very large number of fans from all communities. They know Amitabh as a very talented and balanced thinking person.

This also appears correct because Amitabh usually does not speak against anyone unnecessarily as contrast to some other stars and showbiz related figures. Neither he delivers any controversial statement. He has also extended Ramadan greeting to the Muslims.

Amitabh is a very senior actor. Besides, he is also director, producer and play back singer. He was born in 1941 and now nearly 77-year old. However only age factor does not count but the things count are the vision ideas creativity and talent and he is the person who possesses all of them. 

He has won several prestigious awards. These include 4 National Film Awards as best actor. This is very prestigious award which is given by the government of India.

Every year a penal is nominated to to choose the stars for the award and then in a ceremony in New Delhi, Award is given by the President of India to the winning figures.

After this the films, for which awards have been given are screened for the public.Amitabh has also won several Filmfare Awards in his career. This award too is a very prestigious one and is given by the largest circulated English newspaper company of India.

Bachchan’s father was a poet and a poet is the person who thinks ideas and has a more clear vision of the future than a common person. Hence Amitabh has found inherited talent.

His mother too was a social activist. Although she spent most of her time in doing her domestic work but she was an active and talented woman who trained Amitabh Bachchan in a good way and enabled his son to play an active role in the society.


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