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Ananya Pandey ends 3-year-old relationship


The Indian actress Ananya Pandey has ended her 3 year old relationship with actor Ishan Khatri.

Ananya Pandey

Ananya has been in a relationship with actor Ishan Khatri for the last 3 years.

Ananya Pandey

The relationship has now been severed by Ananya and Ishan Khatri. Both of whom have agreed that they will remain good friends and may work together in the future.

Ananya Pandey

The reasons for Ananya and Ishan’s breakup have not been revealed.


Ananya Pandey and Ishan Khatri had attracted the attention of the audience through their excellent performances in the film ‘Khali Peli’, from which the romance of the couple had started.

Ananya Pandey
Annaya Pandey

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