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Anil Kapoor Admires Fawad Khan


Indian film producer Anil Kapoor has talked about his film ‘Khoobsurat’ and said, there was no better artist than Fawad Khan to work opposite to Sonam Kapoor.

He described it as his best choice.It may be recalled that in the recent past Sonam Kapoor, the player of leading role in the film and performed opposite to Fawad Khan herself praised the choice of his father producer Anil Kapoor and said that Fawad Khan is a very talented artist and she is willing to work with him again.

Fawad Khan was also praised by an Indian script writer Khalid Azmi in the recent past who said that Fawad is greater artist than Bollywood Khans.

Khalid Azmi is a prominent name of the Indian film industry who has written scripts for so many Indian films.

He is so impressed by some Pakistani figures including Fawad Khan that he revealed he is in contact with Pakistani producers for writing film scripts and soon his work would  be seen on the Pakistani screens.    

Fawad who is continuously being admired by several people one by one, is a prominent name of the Pakistani Film Industry.


He was born on 29 November 1981 and started career with television work. Now he has not only been admired by individual people but also recognised by award committees.

This artist has won several prestigious awards which include Lux Style Award and Filmfare Award.

He is not only actor but also a producer, singer and screenwriter. writing is the work that reflects talent of a person. 

A writer is very creative and innovative because he has a habit of thinking new ideas for various tasks. 

Any award holding person is not in need of much introduction because his awards speak themselves.

Filmfare award is given by the company of the leading Indian newspaper, The Times of India.

Whereas Lux Style Award practice is a very old and prestigious event for awarding the people of extraordinary work in their fields relating to fashion and showbiz.

Fawad has also won Hum Television Award. This is why this artist deserves recognition and appreciation.

Sonam Kapoor who admired him and wished to work with him again too is a well qualified lady who received education also from an institution of his field in Singapore.



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