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Anil Kapoor Tribute to Amresh Puri and Sri Devi


Indian film star Anil Kapoor says he misses fellow actors who are not with him today.

According to an Indian media report, Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor says, “I have worked with all kinds of actors and actors in my film career and despite spending four decades in the film world, I have always been my former partner. Artists are lacking. ‘

Anil Kapoor said, “Whenever I make a new movie, I miss my friends who are not in this world today.”

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The Bollywood actor said, “I miss Sree Devi, Amrish Puri, Babu Sab, Anand Bakhshi and Lakshmi Kant, all the way we worked together.”

“There are many directors with whom I have never had the opportunity to work again,” he said.

Anil Kapoor said, “Nowadays the tastes of the moviegoers have changed and it is time for me to experiment with different characters.” 

He said: “Whether the character is interesting or not depends on the writing. If the writing is good, then the work will be easier for us.”

He said, “If a director and your team are not good in a project, the actor will not be able to do well but if you find a supporting team, you will be able to do well.”

Referring to the challenges he faced during acting, he said, “One of your biggest challenges during acting is to make yourself confident in the role you are portraying and to work on your own. Adapt to the director and fellow actor’s working style. ‘

The Bollywood actor said, “I always try to please the director and I work very hard for him.”

He quoted his children as saying, “My children too have started their work in the film world. They are just beginning and I hope they will do even better in the future.”

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