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Another Shah Rukh Khan lookalike creates a stir on internet


We had a Shah Rukh Khan and his professional lookalike. And everyone knew it. But another man has emerged with damn real resemblance to the Bollywood superstar, creating almost a stir on the internet.

His name is Ssumier S. Pasricha. Isn’t his side look and face cut exactly like that of SRK’s? Well, it is! And guess what? He is none other than the popular Pammi aunty on Snapchat.

Parsicha is a known figure who had his stint with the most talked-about show in India Sasural Simar Ka but he quit a year ago. Now, he has his character Pammi aunty, a typical Punjabi aunty who loves to gossip, doing well for him.

Also, he is a photographer. Well, that’s pretty clear going by his photography skills.

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