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Anoushay Abbasi Old and New Pictures Comparison.


Anoushay Abbasi made a comeback this year after being away for a few years. Anoushay got married in 2014. Since then she has not taken up a lot of projects. She is back for good now and more than anything else. The changes in her overall appearance are simply unbelievable.

Anoushay Abbasi is a chubby cute girl. When she was on screen few years back. But now she has transformed into a very stylish young lady. The picture on the right is from Anoushay’s drama which aired only few years ago. and the picture on the left is a recent one from a launch she attented. The difference between the two is as clearly.

Apart from losing a lot of weight. Anoushay Abbasi changed her style altogether. She use to have dark colored hair. Before which usually straightened. Now she changed her hair color in a much lighter shade. This change gives her a younger and soft look.

Apart from this, it seems like Anoushay got a nose job done as well. Because her nose looks more pointy now. And it isn’t just the contouring. Since the shape of her nose change drastically.

This looks like the kind of surgery which Fawad Khan and Sarwat Gillani got done. The sort which changes the shape and structure of the nose a little. But it makes a huge difference to the overall appearance.

Anoushay Abbasi is always a confident girl. Who carried herself well. It won’t be wrong to say that she undergone a complete makeover. In some of pictures it is difficult to tell that these pictures are the before and after pictures of the same celebrity. Whenever someone loses so much weight their jawline gets more defined and their collar bones become more obvious too. In these pictures that difference is pretty clear.

Apart from the apparent physical changes. Another big change is the kind of make-up and hairstyle. Which Anoushay seen sporting in latest pictures. She switched from dead straight hair to adding a lot of waves in her hair. Her make-up changed a lot too. Before she used to stick with a more lighter foundation. Her make-up in the before pictures is more obvious not blended or smudg. The time Anoushay Abbasi spent abroad change the way She wears her make-up. She more often prefer lighter tone of foundation.

People who follow Anoushay Abbasi on Instagram couldn’t help noticing the changes. In her looks since her transformation cannot possibly be overlooked. Very often people ask how she lose so much weight. They praise her for her style and beauty.

Unlike other celebrites like Faryal Mehmood, Hareem Farooq, Nadia Khan and many others. Anoushay Abbasi not once talk about how she manage to lose so much weight. Anoushay Abbasi clearly want to make a comeback with a new ‘identity’ which is why this radical change in her could be seen.

The comments under her pictures often revolve around her evolving fashion sense. Most importantly the change in her outlook. Anoushay Abbasi latest pictures show that her personality is more vibrant than ever. Like Anoushay Abbasi work extra hard to make her top most new year resolution come true. But for now she does not want to talk about how she made it happen. People often ask her. If she is posting her old pictures. Because she looks younger now. She did few years back but the fact is that these are her new pictures. The changes in her smile are pretty obvious too.

Do you see the changes in Anoushay Abbasi?

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