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Anoushay Ashraf and Yasir heated debate.


Anoushay Ashraf is a Pakistani VJ and actress. As a VJ, she appear on the music channel MTV Pakistan. She has also act in a play for PTV directed by Saira Kazmi in a 13-episode serial. In which her role was that of a best friend of the lead, played by Marina Khan. She is now the face of brands such as Ponds, Warid Telecom, L’Oreal, chinyere and MTV.

Where as Yasir Hussain is therefore a well recognize name of the social media industry. He is a great actor, director and producer. He closely needs no introduction at all. Because everyone know about him very well. As he is among the famous actors of the social media.

Yasir Hussain and Anoushay Ashraf is now the top trend of the social media. It start all over when Yasir posted picture of two men wearing costumes like Turgut and Ertugrul.

While posting the picture, he wrote, “inko koi nahi poche ga kyon k ghar ki murghi daal barabar aur bahir ka kachra bhe maal barabar.”

Well, Anoushay Ashraf jumped into the conversation to school Yasir Hussain and she wrote,Let’s just gently remind Yasir that NO one is Kachra for one. And even if their work isn’t at par to his liking, actors from around the world must be respected. It should be an unspoken ‘bond’ of mutual respect between artists. You’ll know your struggles better than the world does. Having said that Ertugrul is far from kachra. If anything the series is an eye opener for how people are finally rejecting ‘kachra’ work at home and looking out for better scripts, shows and budgets.

Furthermore, Yasir Hussain explain to her that he didn’t want to throw shade at Ertugrul as he never mention it. He ask her to calm down and relax and also stop connecting his every statement to Ertugrul.

Anoushay Ashraf further comment that it’s fine if he has misunderstood her. She clarify that she supports Pakistani stuff. And she will always remain Pakistani by heart. She request everyone not to abuse him just because he keeps a different opinion. Well, the public debate ended. But Yasir Hussain took to his Instagram story. And attacked on Anoushay Ashraf by calling her ‘fame seeker’.

He also post for people who misunderstood him. And his statements about Ertugrul.

In the end, Anoushay Ashraf respond and taking to her Instagram story. She posted that she didn’t do anything for the sake of fame. Here is what she said:

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