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Anoushay Ashraf supports the mandir in Islamabad


Leading actress and host of Pakistan TV industry Anoushay Ashraf has raised her voice in support of building a temple in the federal capital Islamabad.

On micro-blogging site Twitter, Anoushay Ashraf tweeted: “Imagine living for a minute in a country where you are not allowed to build a mosque or pray in mosques.

Anoushay Ashraf wrote, “If you are not given a job in that country because of your religion and faith and you will be persecuted there, then would you like to be a nation of that country?”

“I don’t think any of us would want to live in such a country,” the actress wrote in response to her own question.


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I’ve said this before. Yes, we fought for a homeland for the muslims of the sub continent so that we may live a just and fair life. A life where we lead by example and don’t do to our minorities what people have done to many Muslims around the world. I thought we’d lead by example after experiencing an unfair world ourselves. But our not so needed clergy are running their own agenda to survive. If Pakistan actively becomes more tolerant and united against discrimination, there won’t be a need for them any longer. They’ll lose their importance. These ideas that have been drilled into our children in so many Madrassah’s unfortunately (where they are often molested and raped) only grow up knowing trauma and violence. If we don’t stand up for our minorities today, we would’ve failed every value that Pakistan itself was built upon WITH the help of many of Quaid’s dearest friends who were Hindu’s, Parsis and from all other faiths. Let’s support the construction of the Mandir and let’s make our minorities believe that even though we are of different faiths, Muslims will serve not just Muslims but ‘all man kind’ We’re here for humanity above everything else. We’re not insecure. We’re not better or worse than anyone else. To the Hindu community in Pakistan, as Imam Ali (a.s) said ‘people are either your brothers in faith or your EQUALS in humanity’ and no maulana, clergy or scholar can make me believe otherwise. #mandirtaubanega EDITED: upon ‘idol’ worshipping, the PAGANS WORSHIPPED IDOLS’ The Webster’s Dictionary says: “All religions have been engaging in idolatry without actually knowing it – it’s always hard to see whether someone is really worshipping something, or just using it as a symbol of a totally different thing. Are Christians idol worshippers? For they pray to Jesus?” Please read and learn and OPEN your mind. It won’t take away from us being less Muslim. QUAID HIMSELF said every Pakistani was free to go to their temples. You don’t like his narrative? Then you’re doing a disservice to your own country! EDIT 2: as for tax payers money. For ONE, Hindu’s also pay taxes here, in this country!

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In his next tweet, he also wrote the famous quote of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. Which conveys the message of equality, peace and equality in Pakistan. She besides allowing minorities to perform their religious rites without any fear. There is also talk of freedom.

It should be noted that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has stopped the work of the temple in the federal capital Islamabad. The CDA spokesman said that the temple was being built without a map.

On the issue of construction of a temple in Islamabad. The CDA spokesperson told Geo News that according to the master plan of Islamabad. No building can be constructed without the approval of the map.

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