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Pakistani Designer Selected for International Award


Aqsa Ajmal project was also selected from six designers around the world for the Lexus Design Award.

Participants from around the world on the international platform ‘Lexus Design Award’.

Other selected designers are from the United States, Kenya, China, the United Kingdom and Russia.

Aqsa’s project ‘Pursuit’ will help build the capabilities of the blind.

Aqsa is the first Pakistani woman to receive this award. Qassi has introduced a sewing machine that is beneficial to the wearer.

Aqsa, who enumerates Pakistan’s name in the global world. Says of his project, “45% of the population in Pakistan works in the textile industry. But for the visually impaired, it is difficult to work in these industries.” Is.’

Aqsa also says his machine will be beneficial to the ‘benefit’ of the blind. However, The blind people will be able to utilize their skills. They will also be able to earn a monthly income.

Aqsa Jamal, who graduated from the National University of Science and Technology Department, School of Art Science and Architect. Made Pakistan’s name clear.

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