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Are audience without blame?

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TV Content is driven by ratings. Good ratings more advertising revenue and more replica content.So who drives ratings? The television viewing audiences,their choices,their preferences

Ik Tamanna Lahasil Si was a very crude drama revolving around ages old theme of a boy marrying against the wishes of his family and the girl having to bear the cruelties of her in-laws as a result.It had every cliche under the sun yet it was a huge hit ratings wise and yes a lot many women I came across raved about it.

Mann Ke Moti revolving around an oft repeated theme of remarriage of a widow and the problems her children from her first marriage had to face was a huge hit popularity and ratings wise.It was so popular that the channel and production house extended it.

Main Bushra again a dukhyari aurat story got huge ratings and worked big time for the channel and the production house.

On the flip side plays such as Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi,Sanjha,Pehchan,Talkhiyan,Aik Nayee Cinderella and Ranjish Hi Sahi etc never got good ratings.So what message does it give to the channels and drama makers? Yes,the audience does not want to watch different content. Why would the drama makers and channels invest in different stories then?

We are often told that the audiences are tired of cliches,why then Maat,Aitaraf,Aks,Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai and to some extent even Bari Apa scored big on the ratings chart.

We are also told that the audiences is fed up of the two wives stories yet Asmano Pe Likha, Shak, Mehram, Humnasheen, Dil-e-Muzter,Shehr-e-Zaat etc all featuring a man having two wives proved to be big hits.The irony here is that despite the shows taking this route,the audiences did not leave watching the shows.Out of curiosity was the most popular excuse I came across.Nevertheless,it got these dramas huge ratings till the end.

If you want to watch different content on your TV Screens,start watching dramas featuring different stories and let it reflect in the ratings.Otherwise,be content with what is thrown at you 24/7 for this is what you like,want and really see. Stop blaming the channels and drama makers,you are equally to be blamed here.

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