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Are Brits bored of massive boobs? See most shocking implant transformations in showbiz


Are Brits bored of massive boobs? See most shocking implant transformations in showbiz

In fact, in the last ten years, the size of the average boob job has plummeted from a hefty F cup to a far more moderate C cup.

In simpler terms, fake boobs are quite literally half the things they used to be.

Many stars are opting for a more natural look when it comes to putting their breast foot forward, opting for boobs to compliment, rather than overhaul their figure.

Others still are having their implants removed, either in a bid to be taken more seriously on TV, to reinvent their careers or even, dare we say, age gracefully.

Katie Price shrank her gargantuan 34FF chest by five cup sizes in order to make the leap from Page 3 icon to bonafide Loose Woman.

And while legions of the 38-year-old’s fans no doubt shed a tear, the bombshell has become one of the most talked about members of the ITV show’s panel – and not because of her killer cleavage.

“For the first time in 20 years when I walk in a room people don’t look at my boobs, they look at my face,” she said at the time.

These days Pricey’s controversial opinions speak for themselves, no silicon required.

Although some members of the public still aren’t digging the star’s image.

“Doesn’t matter whether she has giant boobs or not, she’s still a total waste of space,” one teen told Daily Star Online.

If she expects to be taken seriously just for having normal-looking boobs, she should think again.”


Other were quick to defend the mum-of-five.

“At the end of the day it’s sad that she felt like she needed to have them out for a career outside of glamour modelling. It’s not her problem if people can’t stop ogling them,” another chipped in.

On the whole, the public seemed to dig Katie’s new look, championing it as more “balanced” and “appropriate for a woman of her age”.

Unfortunately the same could not be said for Danielle Lloyd and Victoria Beckham.

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