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Arijit Singh decides never to sing for Salman Khan again


A recent spat between Arijit Singh and Salman Khan brought rumour mills to their feet and media was quick to speculate on the matter. But Khan’s persistent grudge with the singer is now making the issue worse.

Yes, Sallu bhai seems in no mood to accept apology of Singh and the latter has also given up on his fence-mending attempts, finally.

According to a report on BollywoodLife, “Arijit has decided to move on! He isn’t going to beg for an apology anymore neither is he going to work with Salman in the future.” A source close to the singer exclusively told the website that Arijit has decided that he’ll never work with Bhai again.

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For all those who don’t know,

Arijit and Salman were just pulling each other’s leg at the Star Guild Awards in 2014 when something that Arijit said offended Salman. Ever since then, the actor hasn’t been on talking terms with the singer.

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