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Arnold Schwarzenegger invited Imran Khan to attend the Austria Summit


Renowned actor Arnold Schwarzenegger invited Prime Minister Imran Khan to attend the Austrian World Summit.

Imran Khan’s Assistant Special For Digital Media Dr Arsalan Khalid shared a video in his tweet titled. ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger’s invitation to attend Imran Khan at the Austrian World Summit’.

Sharing the video, he wrote in his tweet, “The world is recognizing Pakistan’s efforts to avoid climate change issues.”

He also wrote that Prime Minister Imran Khan is being invited to attend the Austrian World Summit. To persuade world leaders to join the fight against climate change.

Arnold Schwarzenegger. Who is known for his famous Hollywood movie Terminator. It has been part of a number of campaigns for conservation ecology for a long time. He also periodically releases videos and messages in which he appears to be protecting land and the environment.

The prestigious actor has been awarded the French Honor Legend of Honor for his valuable work in environmental protection.

The 72-year-old legend actor has been made a Hollywood superstar by Terminator series. Predators and numerous films, with fans all over the world.

Arnold also served as governor of the US state of California from 2003 to 2011.

Arnold is thought to have started a career as a professional weightlifter and bodybuilder, later in the acting field.

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