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Arnold Schwarzenegger second heart surgery.


Arnold Schwarzenegger, a 73-year-old bodybuilder and action hero with strong body and strong muscles. He has undergone heart surgery once again and is feeling much better than before.

“After the pulmonary wall, the aortic wall has also replaced, after which I feel much better,” wrote Arnold Schwarzenegger on social networking site Twitter. The Hollywood actor also thank all the doctors and medical staff of the Cleveland Clinic one by one. And also tweeted pictures for his fans.

In the pictures, Arnold Schwarzenegger who has achieve equal success in the film world and politics. He can be seen lying on the bed and looking satisfied and healthy. The actor has also had his pulmonary wall replace in 2018 through open heart surgery.

The Hollywood star added that before the operation. I had taken a walk in the streets of Cleveland where beautiful statues have captivated my heart. Arnold Schwarzenegger also shared his photos with the statues.

For enlightened readers:

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born on July 30, 1947, near Graz, Austria. He rose to fame as the world’s top bodybuilder, launching a career that would make him a giant Hollywood star via films like Conan the BarbarianThe Terminator and Total Recall. After years of blockbuster movie roles, Schwarzenegger went into politics. Becoming governor of California in 2003. He returned to the big screen after leaving office in 2011, finding success with The Expendables franchise and a return to the Terminator series.

As an escape, Arnold turned to the movies, in particular those of Reg Park. A bodybuilder and star in B-level Hercules movies. The films also help propel Schwarzenegger’s own obsession with America. And the future he felt awaited him there. Getting to his new country was the issue. Schwarzenegger found his answer in Joe Weider, the man behind the International Federation of Body Building, an organization that sponsored contests such Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia.

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