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Arshad Khan chaiwala decided to leave showbiz world


Islamabad: Arshad Khan chaiwala cusp of the popularity of social media in the name of the tea has retired from the showbiz world.

Arshad Khan Chai Wala in Good Morning PakistanGet your beautiful eyes and a reputation for attractive personality in social media after it is published on the Facebook site Islamabad tea working bistros Arshad Khan alias “chaiwala” not only Pakistan but the neighboring country, Arshad attractive personality is not only affected but the film stars Bollywood King Khan could not live without the definition of attractive personality, but the news that Arshad chaiwala said goodbye to showbiz industry.

Arshad Khan Manager said that video of new Song was not good according to his family and friends. Due to that his family and friends force him to leave showbiz world.

Arshad manager said showbiz to withdraw to then again in Islamabad will work on the bistros of tea, however, Arshad Khan, a journalist in his career to intend for their families to the profession there is no problem.

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