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Article 370 A Short Film On Kashmir Featuring Mariyam Nafees Released Today


Mariyam Nafees who is a well-known Pakistani Actress. She has worked in several dramas. She can be seen in Hum TV’s drama. Mariyam has played a lead role in a short Pakistani film directed by Ibrahim Baloch which is “Article 370”. Produced by Madiha Majeed.

Mariyam Nafees

The movie shows the heart-touching scenes that happened in the Kashmir last year. The movie has released today 5th August 2020 “Kashmir Lockdown Day.” The film is available on see prime on YouTube. The duration time of this video is approximately 20 minutes.

Poster of “Article 370”

It is basically the story of a girl Gul-e-Rana. A Kashmiri woman who torn between the biggest life decision and reflects the life of Kashmiri Muslims. The girl is expecting a baby boy and waits for her husband Miru to return home after India imposes lockdown in disputed Kashmir. But sadly, her biggest blessing turned into a curse.

Ibrahim Baloch wanted to release the film “Article 370” to remark the one year anniversary of India stripping the autonomy of Jammu and Kashmir. The director analyzes the situation last year. And came across stories of Kashmiri women in Srinagar. She gives birth during the lockdown imposed by Indian administration.

Mariyam Nafees has played a lead role and stated. She is deeply inspire by the story, it highlights the reality and suffering of the family.

The film is full of sad emotions. Mariyam believes that projects like this can be undertaken too often. The reviews of the movie are great and highly recommendable.

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