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Asim Azha In Popular ‘Bubblo Gang Ad’ From ’90s.


Asim Azhar is the famous singer and music composer. Therefore he has made people fall in love with his superb songs and at a young age. He has achieve a lot. Undoubtedly, he is one great part of the industry. He is well recognize star of the media industry. Now the great singer with such a soulful voice has enter in the field of acting as well. He is such a talented personality. And also a great honour for our Paksitan showbiz industry. He not only wins the heart of his fans with her voice, But also with her amazing acting skills. Therefore he is a popular singer of this time as he has given back to back brilliant performances. His latest track ‘Tum Tum’ was super hit and became the talk of the town.

He keeps on giving surprises to her fans every time. Now with his talent but who knew he is the child star in many famous advertisements. Asim Azhar has feature in popular Khopra Candy advertisement from the ’90s. As we can see he is the boy in an orange shirt.

While recalling this cute memory. Asim Azhar wrote, “Omg nooo bablu gang was my peak.” It is truly exciting to see a child artist doing wonders with his amazing talent.

Asim Azhar is also the voice behind many famous 90’s television jingles like the Cocomo and Dairy Milk songs.

Asim Azhar behind Cocomo:

The voice behind MO is actually Asim Azhar. As a kid how much his voice is comparing with the present one.

Here is Asim Azhar in popular Bubblo Gang Ad:

Have you seen the kid in an orange shirt. In the babloo gang. He is surely Asim Azhar as a child. Are you surprise to see her in the in the 90’s advertisement.

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