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Asim Azhar Responds to fan


Karachi: Pakistan has expressed different opinions on Super League 5 songs over the Twitter social networking site, a fan of Ali Zafar songs to sing again if called on to honor Asim Azhar answered him tight.

According to details, the famous singer Ali Zafar is going to produce a new song of Pakistan Super League 5 at the wishes of the fans and Ali Zafar himself and the fans are particularly excited about it.

Different views are being expressed on the social networking site Twitter.

In a similar tweet, a fan asked Asim Azhar, who sang the current PSL song, asking: Do you not think it would be dishonorable for Ali Zafar to come out? Because the PSL anthem is ready anyway and now Ali Zafar is making his new song.

Asim Azhar gave them a cheerful response to this question of the fans.

“What is dishonest about it, Ali Zafar is my senior and I respect him very much because of his work,” he said. I will be very happy to support everything that will be done for the betterment of Pakistan.

It should be remembered that this story started when Wasim Badami asked Ali Zafar in his program every moment enthusiastically that the public wants to hear the music made by him, will he produce new song on people’s wish?

Ali Zafar said that the official song of the league has been prepared, on which Waseem Badami said that he should create a new song to run on social media, which is the official song of PSL. He should produce a new song if the people want it.

While pointing to the lyrics, said that poetry, composing and other things may take some time. Last day, he also released a video of his studio in which he appears to be preparing for the song.

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