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Asim Azhar Surprise For Hanya Aamir


Singer Asim Azhar and actress Haniya Amir are two of the well-known names in the showbiz industry. Who are well known for their friendship.

On February 11, 23-year-old Haniya Aamir. her friend Asim Azhar, organized a surprise birthday party. Which would not be wrong if it was called a unique party of her own.

Asim chose a theme park in Karachi to commemorate Hanya’s big day and arranged a birthday party. There and invited fellow actors.

As can be seen in the videos circulating on social media. Asim has bandaged Haniya’s eyes so that their pageant is not damaged in any way.

Videos and photos of this surreal Birthday Party have been circulating on social media. Which has also been well-liked by Asim and Haniya fans.

Hania cut her 23rd birthday cake in the presence of her close friends. The show was also attended by prominent showbiz stars organized by Asim.

Yasir Hussain and his wife Iqra Aziz, along with Naomi Ansari, Ali Rehman Khan, Shazia Wajahat are also seen.

Yasser Hussain shared a short video on his Instagram account on the occasion of the birthday and congratulated the birthday.

On social media, singer Asim Azhar and Haniya also discuss the pair of Aamir. However, Deep friendships are visible on social media, and both are seen together at most events.

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