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Asmaar Peerzada


Asmaar Peerzada is a Pakistani singer who started his music career at the age of 11 by performing live. Ever since, he is unstoppable, with over 80 sold out concerts at the age of 24, he has made himself an emerging star. With his charming looks and soothing voice, Asmaar has worked for different brands as a model and a musician.

Asmaar was born in Multan in a strict Peerzada Hashmi Qureshi Family. While growing up with his elder siblings, Asmaar’s talents were under rated with a fear that he won’t be able to select the field of music under family pressure. But Asmaar decided to become a singer and songwriter. He was moved to a small town Hasilpur and then moved back to Multan but never stayed long in Multan, and finally at the age of 19, he moved to Islamabad to pursue his career as a Software Engineer. But he kept the secret of being a singer in his heart with a fear of rejection from family. In 2010, Asmaar’s 12th concert of his career began with a crowd of over one thousand people and Asmaar headlined it and till then now became a live king in Islamabad. On local Live charts he was always amoung top.

Asmaar has completed his Engineering in 2015 from National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad. In four years of his education in University. He performed in over 20 events in University. He was awarded with many awards in university and on different events. Few of the titles given to him from university were.

 ‘Most talking about personality in NUML’, ‘Great Singer of NUML’, ‘Proud of NUML’

Asmaar released few cover songs including Ring My bells, don’t you worry child, Hello. Asmaar has released his latest single ‘kuch tu kahu’ which was also written by him. Asmaar is releasing his debut album in 2016 which has been recorded in Islamabad and Canada.

Real name Muhammad Asmar Nawaz Peerzada
Active career  1960
Date of Birth 11 Jan, 1992
Born at Multan, Punjab, Pakistan
Profession Singer
Star Capricorn

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