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Atif Aslam new petriotic song release by ISPR ft. Ameer gillani


This Defence Day, ISPR has released a patriotic song in collaboration with Atif Aslam and Ameer Gillani. To laud the Pakistani martyred in the 1965 war. 

Atif Aslam

These patriotic songs have a special importance and have played a very crucial role in boosting up. The spirits of our soldiers at the time of war.

Ameer Gillani

“Paighaam Layi Saba” is sung by Atif Aslam, an accolade and an affirmation of a definitive penances made in the line of obligation by our brave men in uniform. “Paighaam Layi Saba is devoted to the iron will and constancy of each trooper and each saint. It grandstands the fortitude and bravery of the trying men, who enthusiastically serve their country, who benevolently penance everything to guarantee the wellbeing of their kin and land.

Atif Aslam

It likewise projects the massive strength and grit of their families, who never neglect to help them. Expressions of this melody come directly from the core of a Pak soil’s daring child.”

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