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Attaullah Esakhelvi is not well


According to media reports famous artist Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi is
sick and has got hospital treatment. It has also been reported that a
program scheduled to be staged in Alhamra Arts Council, in which
Attaullah was to perform, has been cancelled due to his illness.
Attaullah is now 67.

He was born on 19 August 1951. His career is
sprayed over nearly forty decades and he is still active in his
profession of singing, performing and composing. The artist is not
only a very popular singer whose songs are repeated in the streets
 but also is an award-winning musician.

Attaullah belongs to a tribe called Niazi and lives in Mianwali
District.His family elders were not willing for Attaullah to adopt the
career of showbiz. He first tried to convince them but could not
succeed. Then he had to get out of his family home.However he
continued practicing his hobby of singing and adopted it as his
permanent profession.

In addition to songs of Saraiki which is his
mother tongue, he also sang so many Urdu songs.As Urdu is national
language and hence became a symbol of identity, fame and reflection of
national level thinking, people in all fields, including the field of
showbiz try to use and work in this language.

They usually continue to work in their local languages but simultaneously often sing or perform
in Urdu programs, films and dramas and other segments of the fine
arts. Attaullah also did so.

The artist has also been honoured with several prestigious awards
including Pride of Performance Award and Sitara-e-Imtiaz.for his
excellent performance.

Some of his famous sons are ‘idhar zindagi ka
janaza uthay ga…’,

‘Ishq men ham tumhain kya batain kis qadar chot
khay huay hain….’,

‘wo bahar ka zamana….’ and ‘qameez teri
kali….’ Besides them,

He sang numerous more songs.
Attaullah was fond of music since his childhood. He learned a lot
about music and songs in his school and used to listen and practice by
repeating songs of some famous singers of that time including Muhammad

He tried to convince his family elders but did not succeed.
Anyhow nowadays Attaullah esakhelvi is very popular folk singer.


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