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Attaullah Esakhelvi tells his career story


Famous Pakistani singer Attaullah Esakhelvi has once again spoken about his hard efforts to get command on music and its technical knowhow.

He has again recalled his memories that he has done all this with his own efforts without any family support.

He says that he was even expelled from home by his elders for his interest and activeness in this hobby. 

While we see the biography of this artist and hear all this, we note that his case is quite different than several other artists.

Who entered in the showbiz field with the support of their parents or other family elders.

In some cases their elders even made special efforts to bring their children  to their field.

Saif Ali Khan, Sara Ali Khan,  Amir Khan, Kapoor family, and other

so many other examples are there presenting family or elders support for an artist to come to the showbiz industry.

Only a few cases, are there in which family or elders were against this profession but their son or daughter adopted it.


These cases include Kangana Ranaut and Attaullah Esakhelvi cases.

Attaullah, earlier told the media that he made continuous efforts get command on the hobby or activity of signing hiddenly

Because of his family elders’ worries.

He told that his father too was against this profession. Actually this artist’s whole family belonged to specific religious ideology and they,

According to their way of thinking, treat this profession against their religious faiths. 

Accordingly, Attaullah got guidance in his school from his teacher. 

One important thing, pointed out by Attaullah himself for succeeding in any field or profession, commitment is very necessary.

If one has a commitment, then efforts continue and ultimately he or she succeeds.

Media reported that recently, Attaullah reached a function using wheelchair.

This was an example of his commitment and passion to the field where his illness or unfitness could not prevent him from reaching the event.

This artist career sprayed nearly 40 years. His is also an awards winning artist.

Who won several prestigious awards including Pride of performance and Sitara-e-Imtiaz.

Attaullah is basically a Saraiki language singer but he also sang a very large number of Urdu songs.

As Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and a symbol of unity and national thinking,

So every artist, in addition to his or her local language, also tries to work in Urdu.     



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