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Ayan Ali announce to donate half income to charity.


Model and singer Ayan Ali announced that she will donate half of his annual income to a charitable organization.

Ayan Ali is a Pakistani model and singer. She start modeling in 2010. And won the title of Best Female Emerging Model. She was nominated four times for the Lux Style Awards. Ayan start her career as a model at the age of sixteen. In 2010, Ayyan was awarded the title of Calvin Klein ‘Beauty of the Year 2010’. Later she became their brand ambassador. 

Her music video and single called You and I was release on the occasion of Eid in July 2014. And was panned by the critics.

Ayan Ali annoucement:

She is a model and singer involve in a money laundering case. On her Instagram she says. “I believe in friends that everything that happens in your life leads you to betterment. It is an honor for me to share with you what I have always wanted to do”. I always thought about how to make the world a better place in spite of the negative things around you. And I don’t think there was a better idea,”.

She further said. I have decided that from now on my first music album “Nothing Like Every Thing“. And any other project that I will do in the future will be 50% of the annual income from the royalty profit “Be My Friend Foundation” I will donate too.

Ayan Ali said that his welfare organization “Be My Friend Foundation” is register in the UK. The foundation works to help women and children in any form. Including education, medical care and also legal aid.

It should be note that Ayan Ali was arrest on March 14, 2015 from Islamabad Benazir International Airport. For smuggling more than 500,000 dollars to Dubai. The court later release her on bail. After which she went abroad. But despite being summon dozens of times. Ayan Ali did not appear in court in the currency smuggling case. As a result, she was declare a fugitive and his apartment has confiscated.

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