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Ayesha Omar eager for Halima Sultan’s visit to Pakistan


Ayesha Omar, the most popular actress in Pakistan’s film and TV industry. She has also sent a loving message on social media to Turkish actress Isra Beljik. She played the role of Halima Sultan in the Turkish series ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’.

Recently, Isra Beljik took a photoshoot for the first time for a Pakistani magazine. She also gave an interview with that magazine. In this regard, Ayesha Omar shared the first photo for Isra Buljik Pakistani magazine on the photo and video-sharing app Instagram. He shared a photo of the shoot poster in his Instagram story.

Esra Biljik

Sharing a photo of the poster in Instagram Story. Ayesha Omar addressed Isra Baljik and also wrote, “Hello Halima, we all love you very much.”

“We can’t wait for you to come to Pakistan,” Ayesha Omar wrote.

It should be noted that Isra Beljik while giving an interview to a Pakistani magazine for the first time. She said that he is as sensitive and strong in his real life as Halima Sultan.

Isra Baljik had said that Halima listens to the voice of her heart just like him but at the same time she never ignores her mind and values.

Referring to the fame of ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’, the actress said that she wants to thank all the people one by one and is also very grateful to those who loved her performance in the play and Appreciate it.

She had said that she wanted to come to Pakistan and take pictures of beautiful places there. He said that he loves the mountains of Babu Sar (Kagan), the most beautiful place in Pakistan.

At the end of his interview, he said that this world is our home, there is no nation, no border and no big or small, but all are equal.

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