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Ayesha Omar shared the secret of beauty in the live show


The Leading actress, singer, model and host of Pakistan’s drama and film industry Ayesha Omar has shared the secret of her beauty in a live show.

Ayesha Omar

In the viral video of Ayesha Omar, it can be seen that the hosts of the show are asking her the secret of beautiful, spotless, baby skin.

Ayesha Omar

Answering this question, Ayesha Omar said that the secret of her beautiful skin is the use of Aloe Vera.

“Aloe vera is present in every home. It can be used not only for food but also directly on the hair and skin,” said Ayesha.

“Aloe vera should be used especially before make-up. It is an excellent primer. She often uses aloe vera as a body lotion,” she said.

Ayesha Omar

Ayesha added, “She would tell everyone to apply aloe Vera before blow-drying their hair. It will make the hair less damaged. She herself often does this.”

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