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Ayesha Omer death experience


Actress Ayesha Omar, who suffered a terrible road accident last week, has finally shared her experience of the horrific incident which left her hospitalised.

The actress of Bulbulay fame took to Facebook Sunday night to disclose details and thanked friends and family for their “love, prayers and wishes” during her time of need.

Through her status she assured her fans that she was out of danger and was home after spending three nights at the hospital.

She revealed that her right arm is immobile due to the injuries sustained, and she has broken her right collar bone and fractured her right shoulder.

“Thankfully, I didn’t lose consciousness at the time of the accident despite being in agonising pain and my first thought was of gratitude. I was shocked and grateful to be alive and wanted to be out of the car ASAP but refused to let anyone touch me because I knew I had broken something in my shoulder and didn’t want to be mishandled,” she wrote.

And then she delved right into the incident: “We hit an overtaking truck on the highway just before Hyderabad and faced two collisions — the other by another truck from the back. It’s a miracle that Azfar and I came out alive because the car was completely destroyed. I was immobile and Azfar and a group of passersby picked me up and put me into a police mobile that took us to a rundown govt clinic in Jamshoro,” she shared.

Panic and trauma soon welcomed empathy as Ayesha remembered innocent lives caught in similar traumatic experiences. “My next few thoughts were a mixture of extreme terror of being kidnapped or mugged by dacoits on the highway, taking advantage of our vulnerable situation. And of thousands of little kids strewn on the ground after various explosions in the world, with no one to help them and provide any medical help.”

Having suffered minor injuries, Azfar was in complete control of the situation and the actress was grateful to him for taking care of her during the car ride to Karachi. “If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have made it back safely and god knows how I would’ve been handled,” she added.

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