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Ayesha Omer talk about harassement she faced.


Ayesha is a stunning, bold and bewildering Pakistani actress, model, Host and a singer. Who is the part of this glamour world since 2000 and has amazingly transformed herself in terms of looks and performance. Coming from a non-artistic background. She didn’t know that she will be able to gain a massive amount of fan following across the border as well. Her dressing easily grasps the attention of everyone and whatever she chooses to wear becomes a trend.

Likewise, many other actresses, she too becomes the victim of people’s rude comments that she hardly bothers. Her confidence level can’t match with any of the celebrity that makes her different and contrasting.

Pakistan media industry shared a video a some time ago. In which she shared that she was harassed at a very young age when she joined the industry.

Ayesha Omar didn’t reveal the name of the culprit. She appeared as a guest in Waseem Badami’s show Har Lamha Purjoosh.

Ayesha Omar answer the most asked question that why she is not revealing the name of Harasser.

Ayesha said: “If I feel like that person can harass someone else in future. Then I’d have revealed his name but now he is not on a level, that he is not dangerous for anyone”.

She also shared why she didn’t talk about it before.

Further she explained: “First of all, at that time, I were 22-years old, very young and when it happens to you, and it is done by someone who is in the position of power, you feel really scared. I just didn’t have the courage to tell anyone about that”.

Wasim Badami asked Ayesha Omar: “Are you sorry about that?”

Ayesha broke into tears replying to this question and said: “Yes!” Ayesha further said “I’m sorry to the person I was, I want to say sorry to my own childhood, because if I had talked about it, I’d have been a different person”.

Here we have the clip:

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