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Ayesha Omer Will appear as a quarrelsome person


Pakistani actress Ayesha Omer has said.comedy role is very difficult and every actor cannot perform it. Ayesha is working in the sitcom play ‘Bulbulay’ which was first aired from ARY television and then from radio.

Her performance is being liked by the audience. Besides her performance, her personality including her dress designing, style etc too are being liked by the people.

Ayesha, it is reported that, is also a person who is very careful towards her body fitness and figure with reference to her weight. In showbiz industry, fitness and the weight proportionate to body figure are very important.

If they are affected,the career of the star is affected. He or she does not find in such a situation, a suitable role and has to get along with any supporting role etc. Sometimes, in such circumstances, even he or she does not get any role at all.

It is reported about Ayesha that she has controlled her body weight with proper dieting schedule and also with hard body exercises.

Ayesha Omer is the person who has made her career with hard labour and talent. She tells that when she used to go school in her teen age, she also took part in extracurricular activities such as stage plays etc and used to get appreciation from the audience and the producers.

‘Bulbulay’ in which Ayesha is working is a sitcom. meaning situational comedy. this is a new kind of stage play which was invented in 1950 by a BBC director. In such type of play or show, characters are not changed and presented repeatedly.

Ayesha has also attended National College of Arts. It is a very esteemed and prestigious government institution of teaching aesthetic and fine arts. and the students, after completing their education in this college, contribute a lot of fun for the society.

Most artists having interest in performing arts, interior decoration and designing etc are ambitious to get education here to become master in their respective fields.



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