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Ayeza Khan about living life


Well known actress Ayeza Khan says that sometimes a person likes to live for himself.

Sharing these photos, Ayeza Khan also wrote in the caption of her first post, “Sometimes it feels good to live for yourself, sometimes it feels good to take care of yourself.”

The actress also wrote, “Sometimes it’s nice to see yourself with your own eyes, sometimes it’s nice to fall in love with yourself.”

Ayeza wrote in a questioning manner, “Then I wonder if that life is also a life that feels good to live alone?”

After this question, Ayeza advised his fans to “love the people around you because they are the ones who make you happy.”

“You always have a choice to be happy,” the actress shared another photo of her photoshoot.

“Learn something from stumbling and falling on the road and stay positive and get up again and move on,” she also wrote.

Earlier, Ayeza wrote in an Instagram post that ‘Beauty is not what you see in the mirror, beauty is what you think of yourself.

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