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Aysha Omar revealed repeated sexual harassment in the industry


KARACHI: Renowned actress Aysha Omar has revealed that she suffered sexual harassment at the beginning of her career.

According to details, Ayesha Omar. A leading actress of the Pakistani film and showbiz industry. Revealed during an interview that she had repeatedly suffered sexual harassment in her life. These incidents occurred in the Pakistani industry.

Asked about the May 2 campaign. Aysha Omar said that this campaign is very important not only for women but also for men.

The actress said that. Through this campaign many affected men and women were exposed to sexual harassment. There are many men and women in our industry. Who have been subjected to sexual harassment.

According to actress Aysha Omar, anyone who dares to come and tell her experiences in her life is certainly praiseworthy, but there are many people who are misusing the campaign but can’t say that the campaign is wrong.

He made it clear that I do not have the courage to say the moments I have spent on myself, so I support those who have come up with this. However, there will surely be times when I will talk about it.

It may be noted that in May 2017, eminent women of Hollywood started accusing producer Harvey Winston of sexual harassment. What was it?

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