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Ayyan doing money laundering since 2011

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ISLAMABAD: Ayyan Ali’s case has now open a Pandora box as the investigators find their selves in a labyrinth as they found connections between Political tycoons and the Fashion world.

During the investigation, the model has revealed the names of several politicians and businessmen for whom she had smuggled hefty amounts. She made a confession of smuggling money since 2011; the investigators are trying to get in contact with the people that are being accused by the super model.

It is pertinent to mention here that Ayyan was arrested for illegally transferring a hefty amount of $500,000 to Dubai in her luggage. A person can only carry $10,000 while getting on board.

The model was at her prime as she was growing her career in modeling and music in Europe and UAE.

After March 2014, the model travelled to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London, Germany, Romania, Italy and France.




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