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My son is my teacher: Azan Sami Khan


Emerging Pakistani music industry singer Azan Sami Khan has named his five-year-old son Ibrahim as his star.

Azan Sami Khan, the son of Adnan Sami Khan and Zeba Bakhtiar, who rose to fame at an early age, shared and wrote memorable photos taken on the occasion of his son Ibrahim’s fifth birthday on the social networking site Instagram. That they don’t release any of their songs until Ibrahim hears them.

He congratulated Ibrahim on his birthday, calling him a good friend, a teacher, a strong critic, a great inspirer and the best man of his life.


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To my son, my best friend, my mentor, my teacher, my harshest and bluntest critic, my inspiration and the forever most important man in my life, Ebrahim. Happy Birthday! Thank you for being my son and if this makes sense or not, when you came from the heavens thank you for choosing me to be your Baba. I love you ❤️🙏🏻 and Happy Birthday Ebu P.s till date I have never released a song Ebrahim hasn’t heard and believe me he has had harsh criticism and opinions even during Parwaaz when he spoke jibrish and he was 3. We knew if he liked something or not and when he hears the final version and approves only then is it released. For me It will always be that way InshAllah ❤️🙏🏻

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He also said in his loving message. Azan would not release any of his songs until Ibrahim listened to him and gave his final opinion.

He said that he releases a new song only after listening to the final version of Ibrahim and after approval.

The singer wrote that he believes that if Ibrahim likes the new song, the fans will like it too.

Azan Sami Khan, a 27-year-old music composer and assistant director were married at the age of 20. To his childhood friend Sofia Bulgrami, and they have two children.

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