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Ba Adab hoshiar…. The Donkey King is Coming


Pakistani childrens like to see animated films on TV. Children have developed taste for international animated film. Often cartoon chennels show animated film like Frozen, Incredibles and Sandrilla etc. Children and their parents see such movie with great ineterest. Pakistan made commander Safeguard, the advertisement compaign for a popur toilet shop has been widely liked and appreciated. The makers of Commander Safeguard, Talisman Studios are coming out with a complete animated for cinema houses. To be released under the banner of Geo Films on October 13, 2018.

Donkey King is written by Azis Jandani and Kamran Lakhani and produced and directed by Aziz Jandani. The main character of movie is a donkey namely Mango. For this character, voice of popular actor Afzal Khan Rambo is used. Afzal Rambo signature dialague “my name is Rambo, Jan Rambo” is used as “Mango, Mango my name is Jan Mango, the wasing machine bar bar bar…” and is very popular in children already before the release of the movie. Mango is a laundryman but day dream as he is a king of jangal.

The other important character is a fox which named as Miss Fitnaa, for this character momo of bulbulay Hina Dilpraiz lend her voice. She says that I have enjoyed a lot her performance in The Donkey King move. Her signature dialogue in the movie is “main houn miss fitnaa mujhe ko miss fit na samjhna”. Mango’s father character is also very interested. Senior actors like Jawaid Sheikh, Ismail Tara and Ghulam Mohy uddin have gave voices for various characters.

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