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‘Baahubali: The Beginning’: 5 iconic moments from the film

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Shivudu carrying the massive Shivling on his shoulders

With only weeks to go before the release of SS Rajamouli’s epic fantasy drama, ‘Baahubali’ fever is gripping the nation. To ensure that the fans get the best experience of the franchise, the makers announced that they are re-releasing the first part- ‘Baahubali: The Beginning’ – across 1000 screens in the country. As the film gears up for its second run at the box-office, we take a look at the five most memorable moments from the film…

Shivudu carrying the massive Shivling on his shoulders

This scene which sees a muscular Prabhas, carrying the huge Shivling on his shoulders is probably etched into everyone’s mind forever. Apart from marvelling at Prabhas’ ripped physique, it is at this very moment that Shivudu’s fellow village folk and foster parents realise that there is something extraordinary about him.

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If you thought Prabhas was beefed up, Rana Daggubati was in all totality massive when he took over the screen as Bhallaladeva. To display his might and strength, he is seen taking on a giant bull in the movie. In the exciting two-minute scene that follows, the tyrant king kills the bull with a single blow. It is always great to have a super-human bad guy in a movie like this, and Bhallaladeva is the epitome of brute strength and power.

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Right after Shivudu beheads Bhadra, an enraged Kattappa rushes to take out the intruder. But when Shivudu turns around to face him, Kattappa realises that he is actually Mahendra Baahubali and is overcome with a flood of emotions. The slave warrior then bows down and puts Mahendra’s foot on his head as a mark of respect. Seeing this, the soldiers around also bow down. With the rain, lightning and such strong imagery playing out on the big screen, this scene makes the list as it is also the moment that Shivudu finally realises who he actually is.

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Amarendra Baahubali’s motivational speech during the war

In the epic war scene against the Kalakeyas, things start to look bleak for the Mahishmati soldiers as many begin to flee the battlefield. However, things take a turn for the better when Amarendra Baahubali comes forth as the inspiring leader with an awe-inspiring speech and a fierceness that motivates the army to take on the Kalakeya ranks. Although the entire war sequence was fantastic, this particular moment stood out as it was high on emotion.

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The shocking climax

Of course, the climax has to be the most memorable scene in the entire movie thanks to its shock factor. Kattappa confesses that it was he who betrayed Amarendra Baahubali which is played out in a scene that shows the slave warrior stabbing the king from behind. This unexpected twist left everyone reeling in shock and thus had everyone questioning, “Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?”

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