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Bamsi Bey wins another award


Turkish actor Norettin Sonmez, who played the lead role of Bamsi Bay in the famous Turkish series ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’. He has been given a special honor for reviving the role of ‘Bamsi Bayrek’ with his brilliant performance.

Bamsi Bay

Norettin Sonmez has been awarded the Ayakli Gazette Odell Award for his outstanding performance of Bamsi Bay in the historical Turkish series Ertugrul Ghazi.

Bamsi Bey

Nurettin Sonmez shared a photo of herself with a trophy from the recent awards ceremony on the Instagram.

He also shared a special message for his fans while sharing this photo.

Nurettin Sonmez

“It is a great opportunity and a great adventure for an actor to play a role. That starts at the age of 25 and ends at the age of 70,” he wrote.

“They did this experiment with a lot of love and beauty,” he wrote.

Bamsi Bey

“Tonight, with this award, we are wrapping the character of Bamsi Bayrek in the most beautiful room of our hearts. With that night. I say goodbye to all the hearts that followed him (Bamsi Bayrek) and recognized him by that role,” he added.

Finally, Nurettin Sonmez thanked all his fans and admirers.

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