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Banning immoral dramas Atiqa Ohdo is not happy.


PEMRA: Actress Atiqa Odho is not happy with the banning impose by PEMRA on dramas showing immoral content.

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) had a few days ago. Banning the re-broadcast of two dramas of the Pakistani private channel “Pyar ke Sadqay” and “Ishqiya” for showing content contrary to social and religious values.

While the producers and directors of the drama did not comment on PEMRA’s decision. Actress Atiqa Odho, who play a key role in the drama serial “Pyar Ke Sadqay”. Therefore is not happy with PEMRA’s decision.

Yesterday, he post a lengthy post on Instagram in which he criticize PEMRA’s decision to ban dramas. Therefore she says, “Is PEMRA really? Is this a democratic way of life? Dramas present important social issues that needed to be address. Therefore content shown in dramas helps people to be aware of mental health, social injustices, hypocrisy and abuse of power.

If we do not clean up these issues and discuss them. Firstly we as a nation will never move towards positive change. Secondly stop treating viewers as if they are stupid and not in the rest of the world. Atiqa Odho suggest to PEMRA that PEMRA would have to formulate policies to raise social awareness through dramas. At the end of his post, he satirize the PTI government, saying, “Change, change, change, justice, justice, justice.”

It is to be noted that consumers had objected to the content of dramas being aired on private channels that these dramas were showing content against social values. It was said that in some dramas, sacred relationships have humiliated.

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