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Bano Qudsia’s 2nd Death Anniversary is today.


Bano Qudsia’s 2nd death anniversary is today.

Great Urdu Novelist  and Drama writer Banu Qudsia’s second death anniversary is being observed today, on 4th February. She passed away in 2017.
Bano Qudsia was born on 28 November, 1928 in Ferozpur District of India and moved to pakistan with her family after partition of the subcontinent. Bano Qudsia’s father was an agriculturist but she had the aptitude of reading ad writing. She married to another great Urdu drama writer, Ashfaq Ahmed.
Bano Qudsia got her graduation degree from Kinnaird College, Lahore. Then got admission in GC University for completing her master education where she met her class fellow, Ashfaq Ahmed.  After a few years, they both married. Bano Qudsia was a very popular drama writer who, in addition to her several books, also written so many plays for radio and television. Her television plays were so popular that when they were telecast people leaved their work and rushed to watch them. So may great actors were introduced to the public and became renowned with their performance in those dramas and delivering unique dialogues written by her.
Among so many books which she wrote, Bano Qudsia’s renowned novel Raja Gidh, is described her finest work. ‘Gidh’ is an Urdu word meaning vulture, a big size hunter bird who’s food is small animals especially bodies of the dead animals, whereas ‘Raja’ is the Hindi word meaning King. Bano Qudsia used the character of Gidh, the vulture, only as a metaphor in her novel. The novel discusses some negative traditions of the society. Her other famous works are ‘Hawa Kay Naam’.’Haasil Ghaat’ ‘Chhotaa Sheher Baray Log’, ‘Footpath ki Ghaas’,’Tamasil’ and ‘Aadhi baat’.

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In her play ‘Aadhi baat’ she presented problems and difficulties of a retired headmaster, in his daily life  The leading character was performed by actor Qavi Khan. Under the directions of Agha Naisr, this drama was produced by Tauqeer Nais. It was played in Islamabad  in an event organized by the Pakistan National Counil of the Arts.

Bano Qudsia, also completed biography of her late husband Ahfaq Ahmed which could not be completed by him till the time of his death in 2004.

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