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Barbie’s unique gift for Women’s World Day


Similar Barbie dolls were introduced to pay tribute to the female athletes in reference to Women’s World Day.

The famous toy company Mattel recently introduced models of female athletes to the new Barbie offering.

One of the dolls is the British sprinter Diana Asher Smith. Deanna won the gold medal in the 200-meter race last year in Doha.

In addition, the collection includes the captain of the French women’s soccer team and the world champion player of Ukraine.

These new Barbie dolls also are introduced under the Dream Gap Project. Which aims to identify factors that hinder the fulfillment of their intentions in the way of girls and girls.

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Speaking on the occasion, British Sprinter Dina said. It was an honor for her to work with Barbie. She is pleased that she will be able to inspire generations to come through this doll.

She says being in the women’s sports field is a challenge. Because they do not get the attention and privilege that male athletes get.

Barbie’s also Global Head Lisa McKnight says. However, the purpose of this collection is to present powerful and diverse role models. To help young girls build self-esteem and fight against prejudice.

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