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The top ratings of these dramas grabbed the attention of LUX jury this year as they made their way to LSA Best TV Plays. The finest story lines, outstanding acting and with absolutely right direction, these are all the deserving ones for LUX. Have your say by voting for your favorite!


Aasmano-Pey-LikhaApparently, there is nothing new in the storyline but what makes it a pure-hearted one are the dialogues and perfect acting.

Written by Rabia Razzaq and Directed by Mohin Mirza, this play depicts the story of a poor girl (Qudsia), and how her in-laws calls off the wedding because Qudsia’s parents failed to fulfill their demands.

As a result, Qudsia gets married to Aaliyan(Shehryar Munawar), who marries her because he is guilty of not passing the loan for Qudsia’s father. Now Qudsia struggles to build her relationship with her husband against her will just because of her father’s poor health condition. The twist in the story comes where Aaliyan’s family are not ready to accept her.



This serial is the story of a girl (Rameen) who is subject to intense cruelty abuse and the fact that she is unable to find support from her family.

Rameen and Mannal are two sisters, both married but both suffering at their own end. Mannal’s husband (Numair) is addicted to physical relationships with young girls and after meeting Mannal’s sister at the wedding, Rameen, he is attracted to her now.

Every move he makes is to get her near him. On the other hand, Rameen’s own brother in law is abusing her. In such severe scenario, both the sisters are not getting support from anyone in the family.

Mannal is unable to get her husband’s attraction, whereas, Rameen is being violated at every turn and that’s how the story unfolds.




A young, educated and a bold girl who wants to prove to her father that daughters in the society are equally, if not more, capable than sons.

In such struggling phase, she lost the support of her only best friend Aaliya, who commits suicide because of her fierce relationship with the husband who was addicted to gambling.

Her suicide note negatively affected Bushra’s personality that she lost all hope and also the will to pursue with her goals.







Marasim is the masterpiece example of a brilliant message that we should try to forget and forgive others wrong deeds because that’s what Islam teaches us.

Gitiara’s hatred towards her sister in law (Nayab) and family has negatively affected Nayab’s not just marriage but also other happenings in life. She lost her mother, brother, cousin and in the end husband (Daood) as well.

After all these severe occurrences, Allah rewarded her and her son with only hope left i.e. Daood’s business and property to continue with life.




A romantic drama serial directed by Nadeem Baig, depicting the story of a poor boy (Afzal) that has crush on a rich mill owner’s daughter, Farah.

Farah on the other hand is getting married to a family friend Mahtaab against her will. Now, Farah along with her sister hires Afzal to pretend to be Farah’s love interest so that she can get out of marriage.

The twist arise, when Afzal rejects Farah’s offer because he is already in love with her and leave for Karachi after being humiliated by Farah on finding out about his crush turning into love.






The story of a girl, Meher, who is forced by her widow mother to marry her cousin who is twice her age.

The poor family is already facing the harsh realities of life and now the mother wants to put off her burden by marrying her daughter without even realizing that the boy is so aged.

However, the story revolves around Meher’s married life and countless difficulty making her adjustment with the life partner an impossible thing.




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