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Better late than never


LAHORE: After years of administration in the material and articles of clothing industry, Crescent propelled their first retail outlet in Lahore on Saturday.

The swanky new outlet is spread more than two extensive levels, the second floor being devoted to pret and a restricted menswear line. It additionally incorporates a scope of scarves going for Rs950 each. The lower story has pret and an amplified cellar for unstitched Crescent Lawn. The sewed tunics outlined by the brand’s long-lasting teammate Faraz Manan range from run of the mill flower prints to peculiar plans, beginning at Rs2,150 each. Be that as it may, while they offer great quality for cash and maybe a couple belted alternatives, more variety from the uniform mid-length cuts and outlines would have been something more.

“We have around 50 to 100 pieces for each outline since we don’t need everybody to be wearing the same thing. Once the outlines complete, we won’t be rehashing them,” said CEO Shoaib Shafi. Yard is one out of the two territories Manan has outlined for the current year. The one under his own particular image stays more luxury while Crescent is lighter and less formal, running from Rs5,000 to Rs5,500.

While Manan is eminent for his choice wedding pieces, he might not have possessed the capacity to convey his tasteful sense with a percentage of the prepared to-wear choices. In any case, the outline and stylistic theme of the outlet and the general shopping background doesn’t come up short our desires.

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