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Bigg Boss 8 Diandra And Sonali Engage In A Tiff

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After a chaotic day 1 of luxury budget task Superheroes vs. Super villains the contestants continue to remain in their respective teams trying their best to hold their ground while resisting the urges of changing sides.
Especially after what happened the night before with the Super villains not letting the Superheroes sleep and harassing them by throwing water at them and making loud noises the contestants have upped their self control and become more considerate when they see their tired friends rest for a bit.
As afternoon looms Bigg Boss announces the winner of the first leg of the task as the team which has pulled in the maximum support after a rough day. Before they get a chance to rejoice Bigg Boss also announces the second leg of the task wherein the winning team needs to defend its flag which has been hoisted in the garden area while the other team will be required to take it down and put their own flag in its place. The house rules continue to remain in play during the course of this task and the contestants need to strategize about the best way to ensure that their team wins.

Things take a turn for the worse when one team tries various techniques which are borderline dangerous and the other team retaliates with equal zest. In the midst of it all Diandra and Sonali engage in a tiff that seems likely to get out of hand at which point Bigg Boss is forced to intervene and disqualify the second leg of the task on a whole! However that was not the end of the matter and the contestants split into two different sides as they stood against what had transpired during the course of the task.
As evening crept in the side which believed that they had been wronged eventually calmed down and business resumed as normal in the Bigg Boss house with the occasional tiff or fun moment which cemented the bond amongst many contestants.
However when a day is that emotionally draining Bigg Boss will always add an exciting element to balance it all out. As the contestants turned in thinking that the day had finally ended Bigg Boss opened doors to the first wildcard contestant this season Ali Quli Mirza! While the contestants looked at him in wonder little are they aware that life as they know it is about to change!

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