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Bigg Boss 8: Wild Card Entrants Dimpy And Renee’s Fight Gets Ugly

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After a series of wild card entries looks like Bigg Boss house is finally getting back its much awaited wildness. The episode started with a confession by inmate Karishma Tanna. Few inmates were asked to go to a secret room and confess whatever they felt to the audience and Bigg Boss directly. Karishma went into the chamber and said that she is not selfish and even if she is being tagged as ‘selfish’ she does not mind. She also requested the audience to not misunderstand her and also look at the work she has been doing. Bigg Boss season 8’s wild card entrant Nigaar Khan was sitting in the other room and could see all the inmates confessing through the camera.

Next in line was Upen Patel. Upen said that the audience think of him as someone who is flamboyant entertaining and good looking but in the past few years his life had changed completely. He spoke about how after the demise of his father his mother was left alone. And there was also a phase in his life where he could only afford instant noodles to survive. He also said that after this incident his life changed completely and he is more spiritual now.

For this week’s luxury budget task Bigg Boss decided to turn the house into a hotel. Renee, Dimpy and Nigaar had to act like guests and rest of the housemates had to work as butlers. The guests had to get all their work done through these butlers and give them tips. The butler who will be able to generate maximum amount as tip would be declared as the winner of the house. The winner would get special power in nomination and captaincy. Diandra was appointed as the owner of the hotel.

As per the rule of the task only two butlers could be asked to serve at one point of time. While two butlers were already serving Nigaar, Renee Dhyani ordered butlers to do something for her. Nigaar Khan and Dimpy tried explaining to her that she could order only after one person’s work was done. This led to an argument between Dimpy and Renee. Renee being the hot headed girl stomped out of the room in the middle of dinner. Renee and Dimpy both started shouting at each other and inmates had to intervene to sort out the dispute.

Renee lost the key to her safe and was seen looking for it everywhere inside the house. Meanwhile Gautam stole Dimpy’s key. Dimpy was later seen asking Gautam to return the key and in return she promised to ensure that he becomes the captain of the house. Renee then asked Aarya and Upen to break open her safe. They did as she said and gave her the entire amount safely. Dimpy complained about this and asked Diandra to fire those butlers.

After this Ali also went and broke Nigaar’s safe and took away all the money. Gautam too opened Dimpy’s safe and packed the money into a bag. Meanwhile Praneet came and snatched the bag and kept it back in Dimpy’s safe. He reasoned that even if just one safe has the amount the task will continue. Gautam got angry at Praneet and said that he is back stabbing their group by being good to others. Praneet too lost his cool and told Gautam that he is no more his friend. Pritam too said that Gautam always gets carried away during task.

At the end of the day Praneet, Gautam and Pritam went to Puneet Issar. Puneet clearly said that he wants Gautam to be the next captain. But Pritam and Praneet seemed to disagree with the idea of making Gautam the captain of the house. Praneet later said that they would make Gautam as the captain only when Puneet Issar comes out of the jail as he is the only person who can handle Gautam when he goes wrong.

Praneet reasoned that Pritam should be made the next captain if they get a chance. Pritam too agreed with Praneet. This left Gautam heartbroken and he broke down. He was seen saying, “Dosti maintain to karo.” Puneet Issar assured him that he will remain with him throughout the show.

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