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Bigg Boss Season 10 16th October 2016 premiere episode written update: Salman Khan’s show begins on a glittering note


Salman Khan introduces 15 contestants on Bigg Boss 10, which includes both commoners and celebrities.

Salman Khan with a group of common people enters the house and tells them about last season’s historic moments. He shows them every nook and corner of the house, the place where Sunny Leone did her pole dance, where Gauahar Khan used to fight and where Tanisha and Armaan used to romance. He even reminded the audience of the epic fight between Dolly Bindra and Manoj Tiwari at the dining table. Salman Khan introduces the show with a grand entry and then shows an audio-video of common people, who sent their clips during the auditions for entering the Bigg Boss house. He claims that for the first time, Bigg Boss will have commoners in the house against the celebrities.

Salman then calls the first contestant on the stage, who is Swami Om Ji Maharaj. Swami ji claims to make the world a better place to live. He enters the stage and converses with Salman. He tells Salman that he will make the actor, the most famous star in the world and will make him marry next year. Salman asks Swami about the girl’s name, but he doesn’t disclose it. Salman then calls the first celebrity contestant on the stage, Lopamudra Raut. He introduces the beauty queen who represented India at the Miss United Continents pageant this year. Both Swami and Lopamudra enter the Bigg Boss house. Swami chants some mantras and tells Lopa that he is doing this to remove negative energy from the house. Lopa appreciates the beauty of the house, but Swami compliments Lopa that she is more beautiful than house.

The next celebrity contestant who enters the house is actor Rohan Mehra, who is well known for playing Naksh in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. They both leave the stage to enter the house. Deepika Padukone takes a surprise entry on the stage to promote her international action film, xXx: The Return of Xander Cage. As Deepika enters the house, everyone gets excited and shocked. They welcome her. Deepika asks for Swami ji and meets him. Next celebrity contestant, VJ Bani Judge, enters the stage by performing a dance number. Bani confesses that she hasn’t seen any of Bigg Boss seasons, but has received enough advices from her sister who is an avid viewer. Commoner Lokesh Kumari Sharma appears on the stage as the next contestant. She claims that she is inspired by Priyanka Chopra and wants to be like her. Lokesh says that celebrities throw tantrums and she hates that. Bani and Lokesh compete in a saree draping competition, which Bani wins. Salman Khan connects to Lokesh’s relatives in Delhi, through a video. Bani and Lokesh enter inside the Bigg Boss house. Swami, Deepika and Bani converse with each other. Deepika takes an exit from the house.

Karan Mehra aka Naitik from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai enters the Bigg Boss house as the next contestant. Akansha Sharma, enters as another common contestant from Gurgaon. She is a divorcee who was earlier married to the younger brother of cricketer Yuvraj Singh. Salman asks her the purpose of coming on Bigg Boss to which she replies that she wants to get a new lease of life after a bad marriage.

Television actor Gaurav Chopra and Manoj Punjabi from Jaipur enter the show as next two contestants. Priyanka Jagga, who is a mother of two kids also enters the Bigg Boss house. After that, celebrity Rahul Dev arrives with a performance and interacts with Salman. Navin Prakash is another contestant from a small village in Bihar. He enters the show along with Antara Biswas, known by her screen name of Monalisa. She is a popular Bhojpuri actress and takes an entry through a dance performance. Mona claims to have done over a 100 Bhojpuri films. Bigg Boss welcomes the contestants in the house and introduces himself by briefing them about yesteryear’s seasons. He then tells them that the non-celebrities get the advantage of sleeping on separate beds, while the celebs will be the servants and will sleep on the big common seven-seater bed.

Salman Khan wraps the show by hinting that the new season will be full of enough twists and shocking stuff and it would be interesting to see how far will both the sides of celebrities and non-celebs go to maintain an upper-hand.

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