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Bollywood films not for children in Aamir Khan’s opinion

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Seems like lately Aamir Khan has been very disappointed with the Indian film industry. First it was the AIB roast, now it’s the content in Bollywood films.

The Taare Zameen Par star complained that 80 per cent of children in India are forced to watch the content that Bollywood makes because of a lack of variety in Bollywood films. He asserted how this situation is becoming increasingly “scary”.

“If you look at our children’s content, it’s almost negligible, and the little that I see is very scary…” said the actor who has three children of his own.

“It scares me to see the kind of children’s content they are making. We as a creative industry or media have a huge opportunity in front of us. Huge opportunity in building the nation with how we make children perceive what is honesty. Today, unfortunately, we are in a time where dishonesty is looked upon. How do we bring in a quality that people can admire?”

The actor is worried and in despair about what Bollywood is producing nowadays with no regard to the fact that children are also part of the audience who just as eagerly flock to cinemas to watch these films.

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