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Aditya Roy Kapur is clear about his goals. While most of us are struggling to strike the right work-life balance, he’s not only found it but is acting it too. Movies are his first love and priority but that doesn’t mean his life revolves only around showbiz.

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Here’s a guy who loves being a celebrity as much as he enjoys being an anonymous  traveller in faraway lands. Aditya’s recent outings at the box-office may not have fared well but that hasn’t dampened his enthusiasm. He has big plans for his career and life. From doing action movies to working in television in the west to cutting his own album…his sights are set on exploring every dimension, every direction….Excerpts from a freewheeling chat:

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Unlike other actors, you seem to enjoy a life beyond films…

When a film is on, everything else takes a backseat. I give my 100 per cent to a film. I can’t shoot during the day and then party with friends at night and report on the set net morning. But I have many interests besides films. And when I’m not shooting, I like to explore those. I like to take off and visit new places. I’ve travelled a lot alone. I’ve stayed in hostels through my late teens and early 20s. I’d just go backpacking for 20 days. And this was before GPS and other navigation aps came into the picture. I’d share a room with 10 people, make friends with random people and go out with them. Everyone’s on a budget there. I wanted to be part of the group so that even my expenses remained limited. When you travel alone, you can push the boundaries and learn yourself. You can be yourself. It’s a great process of discovery.

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Travel is a Teacher….

Of course, it is. On a few occasions, when I was travelling alone, I didn’t even know whether I was enjoying. I was only figuring out things. Now when I travel alone, I’m far more relaxed. Travel gives you the larger perspective about life. It makes you realise there’s more to life than just the movies. I know people who are only interested in movies. Their life revolves only around films and that’s beautiful too. But for me, when I’m not shooting, I have no reason to sit and think about other people’s movies and what’s happening in the industry. I enjoy playing football, cricket, snoker, jamming with my friends as well.

Tell me about one of your best travel experiences.

I had a life-altering trip when I want to Hawaii after Guzaarish. I was there for two months. I met a girl there and we went to this place called the Big Island. That place is famous for active volcanoes. So the last night we were there, it erupted. There was a big buzz in the village about it. There’s a private land through which the lave flows into the sea. We were not allowed to go there as it would mean trespassing. So we bought a couple of beers, took our night supplies. We drove to the point till the car was allowed. Then we walked through the forest and came upon this open land where the lava was flowing and the entire forest around burning. It was surreal. I touched the flowing lava with a stick, running away when it came closer. We had to be careful and not go neawr the fumes because it had sulphur. It was a mad experience.

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It’s said you’re also learning dance from you mother Salome Roy Kapur….

(Smiles) yes, I am. My maternal grandparents were pioneers in the Latin American dancing. They brought the dance from to India. They taught all their lives, my mother has performed and taught Western and Indian classical dance. Half of Mumbai, including my brothers have learnt from her. They have even received their fold medals and certification. I was the stupid one who’d attend her class and look up the skirts of girls. The other day I was at an event when a girl came up to me. She told me that 25 year ago I was this irritating boy five year old in the class who’d pinch her ass and run.

What’s your equation with your parents?

I’m close to them. And as I’m growing older, I’m getting closer to them. There’s not much to hide from them today. I confide in them. At this age ou are who you are in front of them. And you have no qualms about it.

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what else interests you?

I don’t have any five year plans as such. I’d love to do an action film. I want to explore music. I have written songs. I play the guitar. To be honest. I’ve been lazy. I want to put my music together. Something good can happen if I put my mind to it. Music is something that has always been dear to me.

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Do you want to cut an album?

Of course! have written about 40 songs. I’ve to put them together. I have 50 voice recordings. They are all English songs. I wish people could enjoy them someday. I’d love to work outside India also. There are so may opportunities in the West. The television content there is great. There are so many varied concepts you can experiments with. A lot of shows have a multi-cultural vibe. In LA, they welcome different nationalities. So there’s scope and it’s not farfetched. Look at how well some of our girls like Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra have done. I’d love to explore those avenues in the future for sure.

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