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Bollywood showbiz Bollywood super star action hero Ranveer Singh sustais head injury on movie set

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The latest news about Bollywood actor Ranveer singh does not come with glad tidings.

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The famous actor sustained an injury to his head on the sets of ‘Padmavati’ and was rushed to a hospital for treatment.The actor, who is playing ‘Allauddin Khilji’ in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movie, was injured during the shoot of the climax of the movie.

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Ranveer, at first, took the wound lightly and remained engrossed in the shoot, it was after a while everyone noticed that he was hurt badly and bleeding profusely from the head. According to a close source, which was quoted by Indian Express, the actor received basic treatment at a hospital and came back to complete the scene.

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The actor is known for his steely commitment to his work. Earlier in 2015,he was wounded during the shoot of ‘Baji Rao Mastani’. Ranveer bounced back from the injury quit quickly and did not let the matter hinder his work.

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