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Bollywood Showbiz, How Bollywood Celebrities Enjoy On Eid…?

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After a month of fastin, comes the Day of Feasting… Our stars share the memories and the aroma of eid


Salman Khan

Every Day is Eid At Home

Eid means a grand family get-together. We have a big family, huge Khandan.So It’s a pleasure to meet everyone on the occasion. All the kids, the brothers (Arbazz and Sohail Khan), our sisters (Alvira and Arpita) and friends enjoy having luch together. I associate Eid with an open house, which is when guests keep pourring in through the day. Nobody is formally invited. Dad(Salim Khan), Mom(Salma Khan), Arbaaz, Sohail and I begin the day be offering namaz at home. Mom beging preparing things since morning – cutting the badams, pistas for the sheer Korma (mil with vermicelli and nuts,), and of course preparing the traditional biryani. My mother prepares amazing sheer Korma. Poore ghar mein uski mehak rehti hai. Incidentally, every day is like Eid at home. The everyday food is also like the Eid spread!An old recolelction of the festival is of the trime celebrated it in the aangan of our house. Our neighbours kolls, catholics, parsis… would all join us. Lunch Was served to all. We kids would keep playing while the elders would enjoy their conversations. It seemed like one huge family.


Huma Qureshi

Mom’s Kheema parathas are the best

Eid is a special occasion in my house. Everyone fasts during Ramzan. So after a whole month of fasting. It’s like three days of feasting. It’s the time the whole family gets together. All my cousins and uncles come over these three days. We make all the traditional ‘Musalmani’ dishes. My favourite is Kheema, Kaleji, Korma, biryani and of course sweets, especially sheer Korma. I have lost of chilhood memories of Eid in Delhi. Earlier when my grandfather was alive, we used to visit his house. The first day of Eid used to be spent over there. When my fatehr and uncles returned from offering the Eid namaz in the mouque, we children would get Eidi (money). All the kids would stand in a line to receive it. That was a huge excitement. After which followed food and more food. My mother’s kheema Paratha and sheer korma are the best in the world


Shabana Azmi

It used to be an open house on Eid

I grew yo in a family that was not religious but placed great value on India’s composite culture and embrased its pluralism. All festivals were celebrated with much fanfare. Holi, Diwali, Eid and Christmas. It was an open house as people dropped in at different times. There was sheer Korma, dahi wadas, Rooh Afza and Khus (flavour milk drinks) being served through the day. The paandaan was brouhgt out especiallly. No alcohol was served. Lunch on Eid was standard fare. Hyderabadi biryani, Shaami Kebab, baghare baingan, fried dahiwali mirchi and green chilli ki chutney – all cooked by my mother (Shaukat Azmi ) helped by our fablous cook yousf miyan.


Saqib Saleem

The first image of Eid that comes my mind is that of all the male members of the family visiting the mosque in Nizamuddin Delhi to perform namaz at sharp 8:30 am. We would then go to our grandfather’s place and binge on mutton biryani and korma. The most special memory of Eid is when all the cousins would get together in the evening and count who received the maximum Eidi. My mother cooks everything spuerbly- biryani, mutton, seekh kebabs, kakori kebabs, bheja fry. Her kheer is out of the world. I’m crazy about mutton biryani and she makes the yummieset biryani ever. She makes an extra quantity for me every Eid

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