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Bollywood Showbiz, Kriti Sanon Play Double Role In ‘Raabta’

Kriti Sanon, an engineering graduate with no filmi connections, gave herself five years to make it is Bollywood. I a career spanning four years, she has two films to show for her efforts- Heropanti (20040 and Dilwale(2015).

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Overshadowed by Tiger Shroff’s agile martial arts skills in the former and lost in the crowded ensemble in the latter, Sanon faces a decisive 2017 in which she has two releases to demonstrate her acting talent. First, the romantic drama Raabta, releasing June 9, with the romantic comedy Bareilly Ki Barfi following in July. “I was very raw and new in Heropanti”, says Sanon. “I didn’t even know the basic – where you mark is or the different ways you can do a scene. Dilwale was a great learning experience.

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Shah Rukh sir would discuss  his thinking process, But in an ensemble film, there are only a few scene that you can hold.” She is hopeful that the experience garnered from those earlier films will reflect in the upcoming releases, in which she has more prominent parts to play. “The characters area more layered,” she adds, Luckily for the 26-year old, the two films are poles apart. In Raabta, she has two roles- Saira, a chocolatier in Budapest, and Saiba, a ‘Warior princess’ that dates back a few centuries.

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Talking about Bareilly Ki Barfi, she says that while she hdidn’t relate to the small town character she plays, she did approve of her tendency to question. Born and brought up in Delhi, Sanon grew up a Hindi movie buff. She only started watching English movies when she moved to Mumbai in 2011 to pusue acting.

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The movie was easier because her father, a chartered accountant, worked in Mumbai at the time. “My father is particular about having a secure career,” she says. “But in this industry, there are too many ‘what ifs’.” To reassure her parents, she appeared for the GMAT exam and scored 710 out of a possible 800. “The idea was, if nothing happens, then I have it as a back-up,” she says. “But in my head, I knew I was never going to look at that score again,” The score is no longer valid, and Sanon isn’t giving up on Bollywood anytime Soon.

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