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Bollywood showbiz,Bollywood Singer,Writer,Producer, Anupama Raag:Working with Rahat Saab was a dream come true

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Writer, composer and singer Anupama Raag describes Saware as a magical journey. “It was a dream come true. Rahat Saab became emotional when I first presented the song to him, which reflects in his rendition,” she gushed.

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She’s grateful to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan that he consented to be part of the vieo as well and shot for it in blazing heat during the month of Ramdan. “I was concerned about his heath but he did everything without complaining. It was taxing but it certainly doesn’t show on his face in the video,” she smiles. She too has appeared in the video and it must have all appeared alien at first to the singer/composer, who also happens to be a civil servant. “There was no plan to appear in the video,” she confides adding, “My director, Sidhant Sachdev convinced me to give it a try.I’m glad it looks fine.” She is from Lucknow and wanted to show the colours of the city through the music video.

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She admits it was hectic going from place to place at the height of summer and is thankful to her team for sticking together. “Once, we were shooting near the lamambada and tempers of the locals flared up. The crowd turned aggressive and there was a scuffle with unit. I feared they wouldn’t turn up for the shoot the nesxt day but they dim” she reveals. She also credit to husband, Anurag Singh Bhadauria, who currently is the State Sports Minister of UP, for supporting her every endeavour. “My family comprises civil servants and politicians,” she explains. “I;m the only one who’s inclined towards music.

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My parents wanted me to appear for the IAS exam. I feared I’d have to give up music after marriage but my husband understood my passion.” For her contribution towards music, the UP government awarded her the Yash Bharti Award in 2016. She’s done visharad in music from the renowned Bhatkhande institute in Lucknow and has learned under the tutelage of Yogendra Bhat and Gulshan Bharti. Being a civil servant, besides being a wife and a mother, she doesn’t get much time to indulge in her passion. “Thanks to technology I can do meeting over Skype. I can record here in Lucknow and send the file to the composers in Mumbai,” she says. She has sung two songs in an upcoming film by Remo D’Souz and wants to compose as well.

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Her current interest lies in doing singles and releasing them on YouTube. Her last single, Laal dupatta, featuring Mika Singh and actress Urvashi Rautela garnered over 40 Lakh views and she hopes to cross the mark with Saware. Another single, Naina mange, is on the cards as well. A single with Honey Singh is also in the pipeline. She wants to focus on music before a career in politics eventually comes calling. “It’s bound to happen,” she reasons. My mother is a politician, so is my husband. People keep asking me to join….”

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